Welcome Speech - KG Elementary American Program

Allow me to welcome you to the American Program family at the Elementary Section. The commitment to excellence is no less relevant today than it was at the time the Islamic Educational College was establishment 65 years ago. The school is committed to endow its students with the tools necessary for their future endeavors, to provide the knowledge they need to serve as leaders and to instill them with a sense of ethics and social responsibility. We believe there's a leader in each one of our students. A leader waiting to be born: given the right learning, experience, knowledge and exposure. Thus the American program has provided students with a pioneer program of Chinese Language, the language of the future, as well as a life skills program that teaches entrepreneurship and the modern way of thinking to create a society of well-rounded individuals.

Our staff is committed to working with students and their families as a team towards our goals. The rigorous curriculum is directly aligned to the Indiana State Standards. To help each student achieve to his/her fullest potential, the school provides both enrichment and intervention supports for students that need help in Arabic, Math and English. We believe in knowing each child by "name and need" and to acknowledge their various learning styles.

We also believe that education is a process that develops the mental, physical, moral and emotional features of individuals. Our aim is to provide all students with varied experiences that will enable them to achieve their maximum potentials and create a balance between the academic and the social aspects of their personalities by offering various extracurricular activities.

There are no limits but the sky here at the American Program and let us all have the same aim:
Soaring Towards Success

Lama Adnan Salhab
American Program/ Elementary Section