Welcome Speech - Elementray Jabal amman

The elementary school at IEC is one of eleven communities of learning and utilization . A constructive and productive community within a firm body, fortified by the noble message and roots of antiquity, innovated by the contemporary brilliance , erected by its achievements, bright in its place among the surrounding community, shining with knowledge and accomplishment, lively with its set of values and standards , competent with its production of applied knowledge and literature projects and programs holds a respectable place in our Jordanian community and that is the body of the I.E.C .

We at the elementary school work with our students from the age of six to nine years old, welcome them from the KG and facilitate with the - well of God - the proper and adequate social, physical and psychological skillfulliness and moral readiness for the first stages of the learning process so they will adapt to it with confidence to their ideals and ability to learn and that's by creating a healthy learning environment where everybody is involved, believes in the greatness' and nobility of his message and its deep impact.

And lastly let it be known that our ultimate goal is pleasing our God the most merciful and our hope is his reward.