Welcome Speech - American Program

Welcome to the new scholastic year 2016/2017!

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our new scholastic year 2016-2017! We are happy to announce all that is new and exciting this year. But first a quick glimpse at the highlights of last year:

      KG1’s Mother’s Day celebration and KG2’s graduation took place this year in our multi-purpose room giving the parents a cozy close-up view and allowing the children to be more spontaneous and feel more at ease.

      With new sections added to the Elementary, we have been blessed with an amazing elementary staff that did wonders under the supervision of our knowledgeable, experienced and hardworking new Supervisors Ms. Adriana and Ms. Marwa.

      Middle School and High School had a number of activities that were varied, educational and enjoyable: Each class went on at least one field trip, had the opportunity to participate in a play or practiced a play as a class; those who didn’t competed in a well-organized game of Trivia. Talented students participated in at least four major art contests and students from grades four and five represented our school at the musical evening. Our middle school students won trophies more than once in sports. In terms of Arabic language, it was our students who excelled in an Arabic debate contest and outdid the national program and who showed off their bilingual ability in Arabic Day. Girls from high school presented a program called ‘Salat over Everything’. As for our boys, they attended a talk on bullying, went on a camping trip and participated in a school organized Umra.

      In English, Middle School blossomed under the supervision of Ms. Huda Jawabra; some classes participated in Face to Faith online conferences. In High School students worked on their research skills and our first published edition of The IEC Times school newspaper was written and edited by the students.

      In Science our High School students held a science fair and our Elementary students witnessed a change in science from a subject they studied to a hands on one they understood.

      Many fund raising activities took place that were geared toward our “Send a Student to College” initiative.

      Last but not least we participated in INJAZ ….and won second and third place.

This year, promises to be even more successful. Long waiting-lists have compelled us to accommodate new students in three new sections relying on the expertise and hard work of our three Principal Assistants to run our school as smoothly as last year. Along with new sections comes a switch of floors between girls and boys. Add to this a new cafeteria that will take up part of our oversized gym.

       German has replaced Chinese from grades 1-9 with Chinese still offered after school for those who wish to continue learning it.

       Tablets have been assigned to our students starting grade two with the English book being downloaded as an e-book on them for this year. The tablets are connected to our interactive board and are part of our…system. Grades 2- 6 are using the Arabic reading platform المفكرون الصغار .

       Two novels have been added per grade level to encourage our students to read and understand literary components of the language.

Road to Success had been extended to grades seven and eight and Business has been added to grade nine.

        Kagan, a program for interactive cooperative learning will be practiced this year in all grades and subjects. Our teachers took an extensive five day workshop and will be coached throughout the year in practicing what they learned. This promises to raise performance and interest levels amongst our students.

To parents of students in High School we are proud to announce that IEC has become an official Testing Center for the SAT examinations.

        We look forward to working with you this year for the benefit and success of our shared interest: your children. May it be a pleasant and fruitful year for all.

As we are still in the process of developing the academic system of the American Program, grade 9 has become part of the high school to be a preparatory stage for external exams. High school is going to change to one hour periods instead of 45 min.

        Robotics has proved to be a rich program that expands the understanding of students. Therefore,  we are extending the  program to grade 7 and successively to grade 8.



Ms Lama Salhab

American Program Principal,