School Counselling

“To be you the change you want to see in the world “ Gandhi.

 Goals and tasks of the counsellor.

General goals:

Helping students in developing their personalities, in all aspects : psychologically, socially, behaviorally, professionally, knowledge wise to achieve adjustment and psychological health.

Specific goals:

1-recognize students cases, their educational problems as well as other problems, and working on solving them and analyzing them to provide the best help to them.

2- recognize the school needs and students needs and put a guided plan to follow their need.

3- continuous communication with parents and administrates, teachers, supervision to serve the students and work on solving their problems.

4- improving communicating skills with students and developing the method of problem solving.

5- helping students in adjusting with themselves and their families, schools, society.

6- providing teachers and parents answers for  their concerns.

7- offering  professional , vocational and educational guidance in different studying stages and help  them choose according to her interest and capacity and according to the market needs and demands.

8- recognize the cases of low achievers  and follow up the remedial plans to raise the level of students.

9- improving the process of teaching and learning through motivation and achievements.

10- encouraging students to participate in schools’ activities such as community service and counselling committee.

11- educating students self-control skill and forming friendship and correcting bad habits.

12- adopting high achievers and developing their skills and praising their efforts and performance.

13- following up  the frequent  absence cases and late comers to know reasons and solve them.

14- monitoring students during the morning assembly and during their breaks to follow up with them.

15- recognize the cases of illness and health problems and cooperation with the doctor and teachers to help them.

16- developing the main learning skills and ways of studying and follow up with them before and after the exam duration.

17- preparing bulletin boards including topics related to students and teachers which should be renewed continuously.

18- periodical meetings with teachers in groups and individually to know about the educational process and the situation of students.