School Counselling

Counseling can be defined as interpersonal, theory-based process of helping persons who are fundamentally and psychologically healthy but have developmental and situational issues. Counselors assist people with personal, family, educational, mental health and career problems. Counselors’ duties vary according to their specialties

Educational counselors assist students of all levels, from elementary school to post secondary education. The school counselors help the students to evaluate their abilities, interests, talents and personalities to develop realistic academic career goals. To evaluate and to advise students, counselors use interviews, counseling sessions, interest and aptitude tests. Counselors work with students who have academic and social development problems or other needs

school counselors observe children during class and also during activities. Counselors discuss the issues of students with their teachers and parents to evaluate their strengths, problems and special needs. They not only consult with parents and teachers but also with school administrators, school psychologists, medical professionals to develop and implement strategies to help students succeed in life

Today’s generation are facing cultural diversity in our society as well as new technologies and expanding opportunities. To help these young people to become next generation of parents, workers, leaders and citizens, there is need of support, guidance and opportunities during childhood which is a time of rapid growth and change

The school counseling should be designed to serve the needs of all students at each stage of their development. As a result of social pressure and changes children brings many issues and concerns to school with them. A troubled child may experience difficulties in learning

By providing counseling at the school level promotes developmental and preventive measures which help the   students to have success in school. Students are encouraged to make choices and decisions that will lead to effective functioning as students. With the help of school counseling programs, the counselor can assist students in strengthening their skills to become better learners as well contributing members of the school. Counselors will also help the students with challenging personal issues and crisis that interrupt the learning and social development through individual counseling, small group counseling and coordination of services