School Transportation

Transportation Department was founded to achieve the mission and vision of the Islamic Educational College to be at the forefront of educational and leading institutions in terms of physical and technological capabilities to meet the needs of students and their parents.

    The school provided all the resources to meet this objective and in line with the students’ transportation regulations issued by the Jordanian traffic law.

   In order for this service to be of the highest levels, the Department of Transportation and the Department of buses maintenance applies the following:


1. Appointing efficient and experienced drivers.

2. Follow-up with bus maintenance periodically.

3. Purchasing new buses each academic year.

4. Follow-up with parents’ complaints.

5. Providing buses for student activities during and after school hours.

6. Hold meetings and training courses for drivers and bus escorts for professional development.

7. Rewarding the ideal driver and bus escort.

Note that the number of school buses is (93) bus until the academic year 2017/2018 and (92) employees work in the Department.