Regulations 7 and up

Students Discipline Instructions No.5 of 2017

   According to the instructions referred to above , the schools of the Islamic Scientific College applies the instructions of student discipline that allow schools to preventive and the rape tic methods to modify students, behavior in appositive and acceptable manner through various educational means .

   The school administration also documents the unwanted behaviors of the offending student, the extended their frequency and the amount. It is report by the homeroom teacher and the academic counselor in a record kept by school administrator and reported by the parent in writing.      


At the beginning of each academic year, the school’s DISCIPLE Board as follows:

  • The school’s principle is the president.
  • Four member teachers who are elected with a secret ballot by the teaching staff. The vice president is a teacher with the highest votes.
  • A students’ representative who is elected by the members of student councils.
  • The homeroom teacher.
  • A Representative for Parents’ Council elected by the members of the Parents’ Council provided that he/she isn’t a member of the faculty.

DISCIPLE Board Tasks:

  • Take the testimony of the complainant and the defendant and the witnesses before the Council.
  • Consider the complaint, and issue a decision or recommendation thereon within a period not exceeding three working days from the date of submission unless one of the parties was unable to attend for compelling and legitimate reasons.
  • Organize the investigation records and the Council’s decisions, get them signed by the members of the Board, send a copy to the Director of Private Education and the Minister and keep another copy at the school in respect of penalties that require their approval.
  • Record decisions of the Council signed by all of its present members in a special register, kept by the school administration.
  • All students’ issues are displayed in front of the school’s counselor before submission to the Council, to study their aspects and circumstances, then a detailed report will be written and presented to the Council before the meeting. The Disciple Board will be dealing with students’ violation according to the following:


  1. A warning penalty to the violator student upon recommendation of the homeroom teacher and a decision from the Director of the school, and in the following cases:


  • Breaking down or damaging school tools, and to hold him responsible for repairing the damage or to pay compensation.
  • Introducing, promoting or directing students to deal with pornographic printed matters, pictures or programs with their various forms or sources.
  • Possessing sharp tools or any other tool that can be used in violence actions.
  • Cheating in school examinations, damaging his/her answers papers or the answer paper of his/her classmate, committing any other behavior that may suspend or hinder examination performance.
  • If the student conduct or participate in instigating to hinder the class or suspending the education process.
  • Stealing any of school’s properties, students’ properties or school employees’ properties there in.
  • Violating the holiness of the month of Ramadan.
  • Using mobile phones in the classroom or the scheduled activities.
  • Using obscene words opposing public morality.
  • Causing harm or threat for teachers or any of the staff .
  • Smoking inside the school .
  • Hitting any classmate or using obscenest words .


  1. Transfer the student to another school within the doctorate of Private Education by a decision from the Director of Education and an approval from the Private Education director , in the following cases:


  • Repeating any violation combined with previous warning.
  • Taking drugs, alcohol, intoxicants or/and narcotics.
  • Playing with the scholastic records or damaging it .


  1. Transfer the student to another school outside the doctorate of Private Education by a decision from the Director of Education and an approval from the Private Education director, in the following cases:


  • Repeating the violations stated combined with previous warnings.
  • Drawing a sharp tool in an attempt to attack a student or any school employee.
  • The student shall not be returned to his / her old school after being transferred to another until the end of at least one academic year.




A violator student who deserved suspension from education until the end of the school year has the right to return to his/her school at the beginning of the second semester or to any other school after taking a written commitment from the student and his/her parents not to repeat the disciplinary infractions again, provided that it is combined with the consent of the Director of the Private Education doctorate.


  1. Suspending the student from education until the end of the year by a decision from the Director of Education and an approval from the Private Education director, in the following cases:


  • Repeating the violations stated combined with a previous penalties during the same school year.
  • Insulting a teacher or a school employee.
  • Cursing or insulting Allah Almighty, religions or prophets.
  • Taking drugs, alcohol, intoxicants or narcotics.


  1. Suspension from education in the public and private schools based upon a recommendation from the Council, a reference from the Director of Private Education and a decision of the Minister, in the following cases:


  • Repeating any of the violations above (section 5).
  • Cursing or insulting any of the state top officials or the Jordanian flag or symbols, by words or action.
  • To commit any behavior contradictory to decency, in breach of ethics and public morals, such as sexual abuse or sexual behavior practice.
  • To slander others and cause disorder between other schoolmates.
  • To attack one of the teachers or the school employees personally or by agreement with others inside or outside the school.
  • To cause any harm to one of the students by using a solid or sharp tool.
  • To promote drugs, alcohol, intoxicant and narcotics.







General Rules:

The school or the Council takes the following matters into account:

  • The principal of the school informs students’ parents of the actions taken against the student in writing.
  • The decision-maker party, all within its powers set forth in these regulations, may mitigate or cancel any penalty, if there are extenuating excuses or reasons giving the following:
    1. Positive student behavior and the absence of negatives in the past through consultation with the counselor and the homeroom teacher.
    2. Chronic disease status of the student certified by a medical report prior to the violation.
    3. If the student is in a severe psychological and emotional status that led to his undesirable behavior.
    4. If the complainant discharged his complaint before the issuance of the decision against the student by the decision-maker.
  • If the investigations of the violation against a student required a period of time, the school principal may prevent the student from attending class for a period not exceeding three days, provided that the student remains within the school until a final decision is issued against him/ her.
  • Penalty should be in accordance to the severity of the violation. Gradual penalties are not obligatory.
  • In case that any of the violations are not dealt with in these regulations, it will be submitted to the Education Committee in the Directorate of Education and private education to study, and take the appropriate decision thereon.

School’s Internal Instructions and General Guidelines

In order to strengthen the collaboration between homes and school to create a healthy educational atmosphere, to encourage students to be an active factor in the educational process. We hope your participation with us to ensure the commitment of our students with the internal instructions and general guidelines set by the school administration in line with the schools’ message in the Islamic Educational College as follows:

Students’ parents shall communicate with the school according to the visits program and office hours announced at the beginning of the school year, and follow-up on the guidelines and administrative directions mentioned in the relevant educational official books, circulars, bulletins.

The school administration looks forward to students’ commitment with what is mentioned above, with the help of homeroom teachers and the school’s consultant to follow up on the students’ behavior and to cooperate with the administration in providing advisory services to solve various behavioral, psychological and social development problems through collective guidance lessons, individual meetings, and cooperation with parents. In case of a student’s repeated violation of the internal instructions, parents are being notified and addressed in writing, and a pledge to the student and the parent will be taken, to comply with the instructions and improve the performance.


  • First: The Internal Instructions
    School students, from fifth grade up to the secondary level, should adhere to these instructions, which include the following:
    • Students must abide by the official daily school, classes time and they should line up for the morning queue as determined by the school administration program at the beginning of the school year.
    • Student aren’t allowed to leave school without the permission of the school’s administration and accompanied by a parent.
    • Each student should commit to the mean of transport appointed to him/her.
    • In case that a student is late for the first period, his parent should accompany him/her to school
    • A student’s absence is approved in medical conditions according to a medical report certified by the College’s doctor. In other cases it is required to communicate with the administration to clarify the reasons for absences.
    • Commitment to the school uniform and sports official uniform. Female students mustn’t wear jewelry and accessories; they also shouldn’t use nail polish, make-up, hair dyes, and all that doesn’t fit the general appearance of a student.
    • Student’s mustn’t bring cell phones to school, in case if a student had to bring one, it should be handed over to the school administration at the beginning of the day, the student can take it back at the end of working hours. The school’s phone is used in case of emergency.
    • To maintain the school’s property, and in case of damage of any kind, the student will be fined and he/she should repair the damage, this includes the furniture of school buses.
    • Students shouldn’t bring personal tools and devices such as video tapes, recorders, cameras, I-Pod, Walkman and all that has to do with disturbing the school system.
    • Students should comply with instructions of exams and submit the exams on time. Student’s absence is excused under medical conditions by a medical report certified by the College’s doctor, so he/she can submit the exam at a later date.
    • Students don’t participate in the school trips without a written consent from parents.
    • Compliance with the dates of parents’ meetings according to the programs and office hours set by the school administration related bulletins and circulars.
    • Parents should commit to the school buses schedule in the morning and the evening rounds advertised at the beginning of the school year. The students will only be transported to the house of his/her parent. Parents shall inform the administration if the student isn’t going to use the school bus for a day or more.
    • In medical conditions that require student to take medicine during the school hours, the parents shall inform the administration and deliver the medicine so the College’s doctor can supervise it.
    • Parents mustn’t send students to school in case he/she showed symptoms of contagious disease, they should check with a doctor and inform the school’s administration.
    • Inform the school’s administration if the student is suffering from a health problem (such as diabetes / asthma ...etc).
    • If a student had any accident, Allaah forbids, or he/she felt very tired during the school’s hours, he/she are sent to the school’s doctor and his parents are contacted immediately.



  • Second: General Guidance


  1. To keep the school clean, including the seats, walls and courtyards.
  2. The economic consumption of electricity and water.
  3. Abiding by the school’s cafeteria system at purchase.
  4. To maintain personal property, including books, notebooks, stationery.....etc, by writing the name on it, including school uniforms and sports.
  5. Ensure students’ needs in advance in case he/she was involved in the evening activities.
  6. Discipline within the classroom to ensure the achievement of its objectives.
  7. Follow up with students’ homework and prepare students for exams.
  8. Not to carry large amounts of cash that exceeds the students’ needs.
  9. Work under the guidance of administration, homeroom and in duty teachers and respect all the administrative and the teaching bodies and all the school’s staff.