Nutrition is the science that explains the relation of food to the activities of living organisms.

Due to the importance and impact of this science on the human health, and due to the marked increase in the rates of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, the schools of the Islamic Scientific College had decided to appoint a Dietitian at the Department of Public Relations in order to preserve the health of its students and protect them from such chronic diseases which had become a major obstacle in our society.

Objectives of the Nutrition Plan, within an integrated plan of nutrition:

  1. To improve the health status of students;
  2. To educate students on proper healthy habits and protect them of prevailing nutritional rumors;
  3. To implement the projects related to the nutrition and to promote partnership with the society and its institutions;
  4. To supervise their food stuff and meals to be characterized by the high nutritional value through the health education and promotion;
  5. To improve the quality of foods being sold in the school canteens.

Application of the plan:

The nutrition plan in our schools will be applied by:

  1. Giving students awareness and educating lectures. These lectures will be given to all students from the kindergarten to the 2nd secondary grade;
  2. Holding different activities in the field nutrition in order to deliver information in an easy and enjoyable way;
  3. To hold contests such as the “Biggest Winner Contest” that target students who are obese in order to guide and supervise them by directing them to a special diet to lose weight.