The most important bright lights in the schools

The most important bright lights in the schools 

- School site:

The College's schools are located in the capital, Amman, in the first two locations. Jabal Amman was built on an area of ​​32 dunums and the second in Jubaiha was built on 133,846 dunums.

- Mosques:

The school has two mosques, one in Jabal Amman and one during the period (1950-1954) and the other in Jubayha. It was established in 1988. The mosque has a large role and a clear impact to serve the local community.

-The clock:

Established in 1952, the Clock Tower is one of the most striking of the views of the Islamic Educational College in Jabal Amman. It is unique in that there is only one hour in Britain. They represent a replica of the famous Big Ben watch, an English clock Handmade by DAIBRY sons of copper, bronze and steel alloys.

- Sports stadiums:
The stadium of the Islamic Educational College in the fifties was the only stadium where the official matches were held between the Jordanian teams
And the likes of Arab and foreign countries, and often His Majesty King Hussein, may God rest his soul, in which he sponsors games, competitions and festivals
And has now built a new building that includes the Islamic Culture Association, the General Administration of Schools and Kindergarten and the American program.

• The establishment of the Department of Supervision and Educational Development and the Center of educational aids and educational techniques in 1984.

• Creation of scientific laboratories equipped with the latest equipment and tools.

• The British High School Certificate Program (GCE / IGCSE) was introduced in 2000/2001 and is now fully functional.

• Creation of the American Program Section (AHSD) as of the academic year 2009/2010.

• Expansion of the buildings of the girls' school / Jubaiha and the primary school mixed / Jubaiha.

• Establishing a gymnasium in Jabal Amman and another in the Jubaiha schools with international standards.

• Establishment of the new support services building for the American program.

• The establishment of computer labs in schools on the sites: Jabal Amman and Jubaiha and the purchase of computers and accessories, commensurate with the aspirations of students and their parents and processes of improvement and development.

• Providing support for the interactive board to employ modern methods and methods.

• Establishment of school libraries and allocation of office shares for students from grades 1 through 10 through which the student will study the curriculum of office education.

• Provide schools with laptops and data show devices to be used within the quota.

• Establishment of professional workshops at the sites: Jabal Amman and Jubaiha and provide them with modern and advanced equipment to train students on the work of carpentry and blacksmithing and electricity.

• The establishment of a new kindergarten and mixed-care building in Jabal Amman within the latest modern educational specifications, including several facilities such as gymnasiums, multipurpose halls and a modern swimming pool within Olympic standards.

• Updating the theater of the college schools at the two sites; in light of the interest of schools in the school theater.

• Connect all computers in departments, schools and departments to local and international networks.

• Computerization of the systems in the schools of the college, especially the financial system, registration system and school results.

• Obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate and the first school in the Middle East and North Africa was awarded this certificate.

• Prepare rows of 1-4 percussion per row.

• Opening of the new buildings in Jubaiha for kindergarten and mixed primary and the British program - * At the beginning of 2018, the International Baccalaureate and the Department of Special Education / support the student within the latest educational standards.

• Approved the renewal of the quality certificate approved in the school by Lloyds according to the new standard of ISO900 / 2015