The schools of the Islamic Educational College include two mosques; one of them is located in Jabal Amman and the other is in Jubaiha, which serve the people of the community surrounding them in addition to serving students, teachers, and the administrative and teaching the body of these schools. Some classes were dedicated to be given in the mosque where students, especially children, are brought to the mosque and they are taught the pillars of the Islamic religion, ablution (Wudu) and prayer, in addition to Quran memorizing and recitation.

The mosque of Jabal Amman was built on two phases; the first was carried out by Hajj Amr Ibn Ezzo Al Malabki or Ba’lbaki in 1370 AH./1950 AD., and the second was carried out by Hajj Hamza Malas and Sons in 1374 AH./1954 AD. This mosque played a major role and had clear impact not only on Jabal Amman region, but also on the Kingdom as whole; as the Jordanian Broadcasting Corporation used to broadcast from there the Friday prayers and sunset times during Ramadan, as well as recording a number of Quranic recitations for some of well-known readers at the level of the Arab World.

As for the Mosque located in Jubaiha, it was built at the expense of the Islamic Cultural Society in 1988 AD.