Main Gyms

The Gym / Jabal Amman, the only gym in the kingdom which works on the German system, was founded in 1997. The system is based on preventing light reflection on the players while doing exercises with the availability of adequate lighting without the use of electrical energy. The roof is in the form of pyramids so that the windows are almost hidden which allows adequate lighting with no direct light to the eyes of the players.

 The floor of the gym has been professionally made to provide all the conditions of security and safety for the players. A curtain divides it into two separate halls, each fully equipped for the use of male and female students separately preventing any kind of mixing.

The Gym is used by all sections of the various schools and programs (National, American and British) as well as for the events and activities of the Elementary School and the kindergarten.

The Gym is provided with all modern facilities of international standards, such as portable, fixed and dangling basketball boards. There are 3 officially authorized badminton courts, (3) volleyball Courts, and (6) Table Tennis Tables. In addition to that the gymnastics equipments and mattresses provide the highest standards of security and safety and the Iron Sports hall is available for training teams of the school. The Gym in Jubeiha was founded in 1998. It is well-equipped and provided with all facilities mentioned earlier in Jabal Amman’s Gym.