Quality Policy in  schools Islamic Educational College

The Schools of Islamic Educational College realize the responsibilities towards offering a distinguished educational service of high quality to   assure the satisfaction of parents and their aspiration in providing the proper education for their children by:

  1. Emphasis on the Nobel educational process, it is a message of the prophets and messengers.
  2. Emphasis on the integration between the educational and the learning processes
  3. The main goal of the educational process is to find a balanced Islamic figure.
  4. Commitment to systems and methods and regulations of the Ministry of Education with the care of the latest development in Education.
  5. Effective implementation of the quality system that matches the requirements of the International Standard (ISO 9001).
  6. Continuous communication with parents and students to ensure distinguished educational service.
  7. Choose an elite group of highly qualified teachers, while continuing to train them effectively; to be able to perform the tasks successfully.
  8. Update and provide educational facilities and different sources of learning to enable students to learn to the maximum extent to put up with their abilities and potential.
  9. Emphasis on communicating with the local community institutions; and take part in preparing students for real life situations.      
  10. ISO