Islamic Cultural Society Chairman and Secretary General Speech

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

 Prayer and peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

This is another step our Schools have added to the series of confident steps that began six decades ago.

 A beam of the light of belief is extended without interruption from the beginning of each school year at the Islamic Educational College, to its end. By the light of this ray we walk and strive towards our goals vigorously and unwavering with the determination of a loyal staff which shouldered with determination the task of building generations, relying on profound heritage and scientific knowledge.

Today we stand in a position we have grown accustomed to each year, a position full of hope and optimism a position that is important for two reasons:

The first being, that we conclude a year that has passed which we will evaluate objectively and without bias, in preparation for the opening of a new year that we will support and assist as we do each year.

The second being the celebration of the graduation of a new generation of high school students from our schools in both locations:  Jabal Amman and Jubaiha. This generation both delights and heartens us as we see it go forth to an open future full of aspirations. We hope that we have instilled in our graduates a desire to strive and hasten in the field of creative ingenuity with optimism that stems from a spirit which derives its serenity and splendor from a great cultural legacy.

Each academic year, there are faces that disappear from the stage of education in our Schools and new faces which appear, but these changes will not affect our educational process or the achieving our noble goals.

Every year in each celebrations or occasion we review the feedback and  efforts in order to achieve the highest goals for the benefit of the future generation , and we open in front of this generation ways of development ,  progress, great hopes and vision for the future to widen their perspective of structural civilized foundations through a group of existing and upcoming projects  , for example :the establishment of a multi-purpose building in the elementary school (American program)in Jabal Amman  as well as the establishment of the main  library  replacing the current one.

In Jubaiha we are working to establish a building for kindergarten and primary , in addition to the establishment of a building for foreign programs from grade one to grade eight, so that when we look ahead  to the future,  our schools will have become a reprehensive for a open draw from the source of Arab-Islamic identity, and a model in instructive work of education, and a factor of national advancement, so when half of our schools are fully aware of the phenomenon of unique importance of the role played by the confirmation of its presence in accordance to Arab and Islamic culture.

That is the new spirit that our school is living with to become one  of the top  educational institution on the national level, and a very well known institution through ages, and this educational scene will remain deep and rich, capable of development and flourish no matter how complicated life is and  how deepened the difficulties are with the help of Allah Almighty.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings. 

 Engineer Omar "Muhammad Ali" Bedier

Chairman and Secretary General