Islamic Educational College
Admission Policy
IEC develops the academic, physical and social skills of its students in an open world. It is
committed to raising balanced, highly-educated and reflective life-long learners by providing an
environment that promotes Islamic values and practices, whilst accepting and respecting others.
Students are empowered to be proudof their heritage, language and history, and are motivated
by their sense of responsibility to embrace, benefit and excel as communicators and risk-takers.
The Islamic Educational College (IEC) is situated at the center of Amman in Jordan; the Islamic
Cultural Society, a charitable society registered with the Ministry of Social Development, was
established in 1947.
IEC is a non-profit organization, whose educational and administrative policies are set by the
school's Board of Trustees.
The school was founded with the aim of providing a bilingual education that would meet, in
quality and extent, the highest standards, whilst remaining firmly rooted in the Arab Islamic

General Admission Requirements:
Students are admitted in the academic year 2018/2019 according to the following:
- Students born in 2012 are admitted to the first grade.
Requirements for Registration:
A) Initial requirements for the registration of First Grade students
1. Two recent validated copies of the child’s birth certificate
2. A Copy of the vaccination card of the student
3. Recent passport photograph with the child’s full name on the back side
4. Personal interview with the child.
B) Registration requirements for students of the Second Grade up to the 12th grade
1. A transfer certificate (validated by the Ministry of Education/Directorate of Private Education)
from the school which the student is transferred from
2. Last school results report. (Marks Certificate)
3. Two recent validated copies of the of the student’s birth certificate
4. Student's academic record and previous school reports
5. Recent passport photograph with the student’s full name on the back side
6. A copy of the student’s valid residence permit for foreigners
7. A copy of the student’s passport for those from Gaza, who hold temporary passports
8. The official results of the 8th and 9th grades for students to be registered at the 10th grade
9. Students to be registered in the 11th and 12th grades are required to submit their external
IGCSE results
10. Students transferred from Schools outside Jordan are required to validate their documents
by the Ministry of Education/Private Education Directorate in Amman
11. Residence papers for all non-Jordanians
12. All the above mentioned documents are to be submitted before the commencement day of
the academic year.

Admission Policy