Instructions of certificates’ Equivalency

 Equation certificates at the Ministry of Education for the year 2006

Article text

1. These instructions are called (instructions equation certificates at the Ministry of Education for the year 2006) and works from the date of publication in the Official Gazette.

2 have the following words and phrases, wherever used in these instructions have the following meanings unless the context indicates otherwise. Ministry: Ministry of Education.

Minister: The Minister of Education.

Certificate: Certificate granted by educational institutions, public and private in the Arab countries or foreign level of a high school diploma Jordanian public.

Institution: Each school is run by the Ministry of Education or any other ministry or governmental authority, or private entity and are licensed to teach students in accordance with the curriculum and licensed by a government agency or body accredited academy in the country in which they exist.

Regular study: The study, where the student enrolled in the school and live in the school day ,classroom teaching and activities throughout the school year.

Irregular:  study the study are those that do not attend a school where the student and the student progresses for exams only at the end of the semester and receive a certificate from the manner in which affiliation or distance education studies or homework.

Committee: The committee formed under the equivalence equation system certification number (42) of the year 1992.

3a. General Secondary School Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education in any Arab state through regular study is equivalent to the public Jordanian high school diploma.

B. Arab or foreign certificate issued by any educational institution or government of any country,   is a subject of equation if the study is through regular or irregular study) ,enroll in homes or distance education ( Certificates issued by private schools or foreign certificates from outside the Kingdom. The equation for the secondary school certificate issued by the concerned State or country of study are dealt with as follows:

- Ratify the document is not equivalent to the equation for non-Jordanians; document ratification does not mean equation.

- Subject to the instructions of the foundations of the equation (for Jordanian students (.

4.  To offset any certificate the applicant has to highlight the following documents: 1. origin Certificate issued by the country of study duly authenticated.

0.2 Marks certificate signs of the secondary stage duly authenticated.

0.3 Prove that the study of the applicant during the period of study was in the country in which he got the certificate from, and that the examinations were issued in the country of study.

0.4 to prove the establishment for a period of one academic year, at least in the country which issued him the certificate.

0.5 A copy of the certificate of any higher than the required equivalence certificate if the certificate holder has obtained.

5.  For the certificate holder or his authorized representative agency notarized right to challenge the Commission's decision to reject the equation of the certificate within sixty days of its release, and on the Commission to issue its decision within two months from the date of filing the objection, and the applicant or his authorized representative equation agency notarized appeal the Commission's decision.

6a. The head of the equation section recording the minutes of meetings and resolutions of the equation, conservation and communicated to stakeholders and such other functions as assigned by the Chairman of the Committee.

B. Head of the equation section to announcement of the resolutions of the equation Commission to inform the applicants of the equation decisions taken by posting on the bulletin board in the Directorate / Department of the equation, and have it as a report for them.

7. Equivalent to the certificate of  the Jordanian General Secondary Certificate / scientific section if the holder had studied mathematics in addition to two scientific subjects  required in the equation of this certificate and determined by the Commission, provided receiving a mark of success in these materials.

8. No equivalent to the certificates following the certificate of General Secondary Education of Jordan: a. Certificate of experiences and practices.

B. Language Certificate.

C. Courses Certificate.

9. The applicant of the equation has the right in retrieval of documents submitted to the Commission if the equation was done but has to provide copies, but if the Committee rejected the equation of his certificate because of being wrong, it is not entitled to retain the original documents can he can have a certified copy.

10. The Committee shall consider each certificate submitted to them individually and issue its decision accordingly.

11. The equation of any certificate of Arab and foreign nationals is obtained on the basis of a formal request from an official body or a national institution shows the reasons for the request of the equation.

12. The Committee may invite any person for his opinion or to take advantage of his expertise.

13 .An amount of ten dinars is required for services on the equation of the certificate and two dinars for each additional copy of them, and the amount of five dinars for issuing a certificate instead of a certificate equation is missing.

14 certificate equation is issued in Arabic or in English depending on demand.

15 The Committee shall handle any case not dealt with these instructions, or arising from the application and issued the decision on them.

16   Each member of the committee members and the Commission invites him to attend is granted a financial reward for the amount of fifteen dinars for each session attended but not to    more than three hundred and seventy-five dinars per year.

17 The instructions of the certificate equivalence number (5) for the year 1995 and revised its FAQ No. (2) for the year 1997, and (3) for the year 2001 are cancelled.