IEC Legend through our children's eyes

Today, there are many schools in Amman. There are private schools and public schools and most of them are good schools. But long time ago it wasn’t like this. Long time ago there were only two private schools and not everyone liked to send their children to them.

Before your mother and father were born, before your grandfather and grandmother were born, a group of friends got together to discuss something that was bothering them. They were sixteen wealthy merchants. Some were Jordanian and some came from neighboring Syria; all of them wanted a good school for their children. The men loved their children very much. They bought them the fanciest clothes and the most expensive toys. They bought them beautiful houses with lovely gardens. They bought them farms in the countryside so they could climb trees and swim. But still they knew something was missing.  For, what use were all the big houses and beautiful clothes and toys if their children didn’t have the best education?

Every time they met, the men would discuss their problem. They decided to start a school. Not any kind of school, the best school ever. It would have the best teachers and the best books. It would have the best playgrounds and the best sports hall. It would have a mosque on the premises and it would teach the children to love and practice their religion. It would be big enough to fit all the children that wanted to learn there.

And so they dreamt of building the most wonderful school ever, and then they began to plan. One man donated the land. “But it is so far away from houses!” So another man donated all the buses. One man had no children so he said that all his money should go to the school. One man bought the building material and another paid the workers. Every day they would go out to watch the school being built and while the building grew taller and stronger, they looked for the best teachers to work there.

Finally the school was finished. There it stood in gleaming white stone with its very own mosque calling the call to prayer. How happy the friends felt. Their dream had come true! People said to them, “You had a wonderful idea and now that the school is built you will all become richer and richer with the money you get from it.”  But the friends answered all together, “We built this school to help the boys and girls of Jordan, not to make money. Not a single dinar will enter our pockets. All the money will go back to be used for the school and to help the poor!”

The school was so special that the King sent his son to it! Then that son sent his sons to it, too. The school was so special that they had to build more buildings around the original one for all the children that wanted to go to it. The school was so special that they opened another branch of it in another part of town, which had a beautiful blue-domed mosque built on its grounds.

Today, many other schools have opened, but this school of yours has remained special. The first children that went to school here are grandparents now and still the school grows and shines. The men who started this school are no longer with us, but their dream still is, and their story is one we like to remember and tell: it is the story of caring…of giving… and of making the world a better place.

                Written By:              

  Sawsan Imady