IEC Intellectual Foundation

Foundations of the Conceptual Structure
The general thrust of the Arab educational thought is one that encourages the development of the Arab society in a manner that safeguards its basic components of Arab Islamic culture, human values and national characteristics. Moreover it strives to insure the incorporation of technological advancement and the ability to stay abreast of the rapid changes of modern times in a manner that assures our students are raised in accordance with Islamic teachings -all this to allow the students to reach their fullest potential. 
Our education takes into account the social, economic, cultural and political facets of upbringing.  It benefits from the scientific study of Arab Islamic culture and from the development of educational theory and all that these two sources contain of knowledge, actions and competencies that focus on empowering the student with life skills through communicating with others and in many different languages like Arabic and English.
The Basis of our educational Concepts
The educational structure of our schools is based upon the following:
One:  School is the most important influence in the upbringing of the individual, as it is founded for that main purpose.
Two: Any nation needs education to fulfill two basic needs: maintaining its educational heritage and reinforcing and renewing this heritage in accordance with the requirements of the times. 
Three: Education is a process of adaptation and interaction between the learner and the environment he lives in. This adaptation means change and change has two components, the individual and the environment. The task of education is to help the individual to change himself according to the environment and to change his surroundings according to his needs. That is for the individual to develop his potential and talents, to alter his inclinations and correct his character all of which are one educational task namely: attaining knowledge, skills, good habits and spiritual growth - this last being the most elevated purpose of education. The school system must be founded on the creed that this nation believes in and an educator who assumes leadership and interacts positively and an administration that plans, organizes, directs, observes and assesses and a system that ensures security and the establishment of justice.  These are the foundations of the educational structure of the Islamic Education College schools.
Four: Since the purpose of education is to bring forth an individual of sound and balanced thought and behavior, and to drive him toward building a civilized society within the bounds of knowledge and values, it becomes important that the teacher of such a student be of a select few: strong in his belief, knowledgeable and aware of his surroundings past and present and future; and it follows that the preparation of such a teacher becomes a pressing obligation.
Five: The school's administration is an organized purposeful activity that works on fulfilling the required educational goals, organizing the school and structuring its activities in a manner that allows it to realize its mission in educating students. Following are the criterion by which it accomplishes these duties:
A.    Clarity of its goals.
B.    Clarity of each individual's responsibilities/job description
C.    Directing all the schools energies to serve its educational goals
D.    The teacher will fulfill his mission by:
1.    Maintaining his positive attitude
2.    Understanding the many components of the teaching process and interacting with them in a fair and respectful manner
3.    Mutual respect of the other person's opinion and an objective open-mindedness.
4.     Striving to reach levels of excellence.

In light of what has been mentioned we hope that we have paved the way for the success of all teachers in realizing the hopes of the nation and the mission of the Islamic Educational College.