Equivalency certificates Foundations For the American Program AHSD

What is The American system?
This system is known as the High School Diploma (H.S.D). This system starts from the ninth grade till the twelfth grade.
The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is an essential passport for your college admission journey. The SAT represents a showcase of your skills and potential.
To equalize the American system, SAT is broken down into two parts:
SAT Reasoning –Test or (SATI).It is a test conducted for the students who are interested to pursue their study in the United States of America or the American Universities all over the world .This test is not accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Education and the students are not accepted in the Jordanian universities and other Arab universities. 
The SAT measures the knowledge skills you have learned in and outside of the classroom and how well you can apply them. It tests how you think, solve problems and communicate. The test is composed of three sections:
■Critical Reading: It has sentence completion and passage-based reading questions.
■ Mathematics: It is based on Math that college-bound students typically learn during their first three years of high school.
■ Writing:  It is composed of multiple-choice questions and a written essay.
2- SAT Subject Test known as (SAT І І) is a test accredited by the Jordanian Ministry of Education to be considered equal to the Jordanian Secondary School Education Certificate.
The Jordanian school graduates should successfully pass all levels in the here under topics in the eleventh and twelfth grades in addition to the American topics:
Arabic Language (Communication Skills)
Islamic Education (for Muslim students)
For equivalency with the Jordanian (Tawjihi) certificate, International students should pass seven topics in the (SAT I І) test and accomplish a minimum of 450 points, as well as passing the requirements of the (H.S.D)