Elementary Regulations

The Elementary administration holds responsibility regarding this very important phase in a child’s life and for that, it supplies all the convenient conditions for the child’s healthy growth (physically / motor / cognitive / linguistic / emotional / and social). As well it offers an appropriate educational environment, and for that it tracks the commitment of its children on following the upcoming instructions and guidelines:

School Instructions:

  1. Committing to the official working hours:
    • The school holds responsibility to the kids starting from 7 am, as there will be teachers for their care.
    • The school ends responsibility to the kids at 2:30 pm, as teachers' official working hours end at 2:30 pm.  
    • In case of absence parents must inform the school administration and bring a doctor report in case of three days and more absence.
      Abide to
  2. Abide by the official school uniform and the sport uniform as well as avoiding accessories and anything that might not be appropriate to the general appearance of the child.
  3. It is prohibited to bring cell phones or any kind of personal tools.
  4. Taking care of the school properties, furniture, and school buses.
  5. Not to bring any dangerous tools that might threaten the safety of the children such as sharp tools.
  6. Following the roles and instructions that are given to the child inside the classroom.
  7. Only the child’s parents are allowed to take him/her during school and after, otherwise the school administration must be informed.
  8. Making sure that the child had interred the kindergarten and not to leave him/her on the hall way alone.
  9. Abide by the busses leaving times in the morning and in the evening which are announced at the beginning of the school year, and it is only allowed to drive kids to their parent’s home, and in case the child did not use the bus for a day or more the school administration must be informed.
  10. Not to send the child in case of the appearance of any contagious diseases and to take him to the doctor as well as informing the school administration.  
  11. School administration must be informed about any health problem the child might suffer from, such as (Diabetes / asthma …)
  12. In case the child faces any kind of accident or health problems, he will be taken immediately to the school doctor and the school will call his parents.
  13. Parents must give the medicine that the child take to the school administration in order for the school doctor to follow the child condition. 
  14. Not to send money that is more than the child’s need.
  15. It is not allowed to bring chips, soda, or any glass caned type of juice to the kindergarten.
  16. Children will not be part of any trips unless with a hand written approval from the parents’ side.
  17. Abide by the parents meeting dates according to the schedule and office hours which are determined by the school administration in the bulletins and announcements that are relevant.
  18. Children will receive their school report at the beginning of the second semester; in order for the parents to review, sign, and return it to the school so that the information of the second semester would be recorded on it, as it will contain parts that will show the skills and experiences that the child had obtained and the final report will be given at the end of June. 


  1. The child must commit to bed times, shower times, and keeping his teeth clean.
  2. The child must have breakfast before coming to school, and parents must provide him with all the food he might need.
  3. The child must follow the rules and tranquility when buying from schools canteen.
  4. Make sure that the child’s attendance is daily in order to archive the required academic level.
  5. Cooperating with the school in order to solve any behavioral, academic, or social issues that the child might face and to actively use the student agenda between the parents and the teacher. 
  6. Cooperating with school administration assure that the child is doing all his homework and worksheets.
  7. Cooperating with administration in directing the child to follow high morals, and teaching him the positive attitude which is acquired throughout mutual respect in his/ her way of dealing with other.

Parents can contact the school based on visiting schedule and office hours which are announced at the beginning of the scholastic year, and follow the administrative instructions and guidelines which are announced in the official leaflets and announcements that are relevant. 

The KG administration and those who are responsible are to check the child's commitment of the previous instructions and guide lines. In case any inappropriate behavior occurs, the teacher will follow up in order to adjust the child\s behavior, and if it continues parents will be contacted and notified to achieve that.


The Internal regulations and school instructions for the elementary mixed schools (EMS)

One of the most important goals of the (IEC) is to establish an Islamic educational institution based on instilling faith in ALLAH THE ALLMIGHTY and the pillars of Islam in the hearts and minds of its students, according to that the school considers the following regulations and instructions:

Internal Regulations:

  1. Students must abide by school hours (starting/ending), class hours and attending the morning   line
  2. Students are not allowed to leave the school except with their parents also school approval.in case another family member is coming to pick up the student, school approval is a must.
  3. Students must abide by their transport way.
  4. In case of student lateness, one of his parents should accompany him to school.
  5. Absence of a student considered legitimate in sick cases if the medical report was signed by the school doctor. In other cases parents should contact school administration.
  6. Students must abide by school uniform and sport uniform. Not to wear jewelry and accessories.
  7. Not to bring mobile phones. In case that happened, students must hand it to the administration and it is to be given back at dismissed time. Students are allowed to use school phone in emergency cases.
  8. Observe school property. In case of harm happened, students will pay and repair the damage including bus seats.
  9. Students can't participate in school journeys without parents' written approval.
  10. Not to bring personal devices such as: video tapes, cameras, walk man, I pad, etc…
  11. Abide by appointment and roles of school exams. Students absence is allowed in case of bringing medical report signed by school doctor (students can re-do the exam).
  12. Not to bring sharp tools to schools.
  13. Parents should abide by students dismiss time, school doors are closed at 2:45 pm.
  14. Follow/maintain teachers' office hours when you call/visit the school.
  15. Parents must notice their child's bus in the morning and in the afternoon for their secure. Busses are allowed to transport students to their parents' house only. Administration must be informed if a student didn’t use the bus for more than two days.
  16. Parents must inform school administration if a student is sick and need to take medicine during school hours (parents should handle the medicine to the school doctor).
  17. Not to send the student to school f he/she showed symptoms of the disease. Bring a medical report if the sickness is contagious.
  18. Inform the administration in case of any health problems a student may have. (Diabetes, asthma….)
  19. If a student exposed to an accident or fatigue –God forbid- during school hours, school doctor will check upon him and inform the parents immediately.

General Instructions:

  1. Observe school cleanliness.
  2. Economization in consuming water and electricity.
  3. Observe personal belonging: books, notebooks and school uniform, please write the student's name on all his own belonging.
  4. Abide by school cafeteria roles.
  5. Not to bring juice glass bottles.
  6. Provide students nutritious needs by their parents with in school roles.
  7. Parents should notice their child's agenda daily.
  8. Discipline in classes is required.
  9. Not to bring money more than students daily allowance.
  10. Guiding students to characterize by Islamic manners and well- behaved way with teachers and their colleagues that show in:
    • Not to use inappropriate words.
    • Not to call/defy others with bad words/deeds.
    • Not to behave contradictory to good manners/behaviors.

Parents have to keep in touch with teachers according to their meetings announced at the beginning of school, and follow instructions and regulations written in official letters and educational reports.

School administration follows up students' commitment to school regulations and instructions. In case of violating regulations, parents will be informed in order to adjust students' behavior and to insure they don't repeat that. The counselor in cooperation with the administration offers social services in different fields of problems (behavior, social, academic…) that face the students through meetings and guiding classes.