Director - General Speech

Each day, new and promising dreams are born of work and giving…and with each pause of self-examination, new thoughts emerge in the map of one’s life that later crystallize into reality - concrete and pulsating with all means of survival. Truly it is a turning point in a person's life, that moment in which one hones his energy and turns sincerely to God striving and working to fulfill the ideas and beliefs that have formed deep in his mind. It is a sincere striving that knows no anxiety or fear, and in the course of one's endeavor, he seeks to be guided by the courses of his virtuous predecessors to build an amazing tomorrow.

The Islamic Educational College is a modern educational model that employs what is most up-to-date in education. It seeks to blend technology in its full extent of development with its educational foundations. The School develops the student's thought and knowledge broadening his horizons and equipping him with the needed skill that will grant him the opportunity to rise in his life experiences to lofty heights and to master the ability to successfully communicate with others whether in his native Arabic language, or in English the most prevalent language in the world; in addition to the ability to use modern technology with wisdom and awareness that guide him to make the best use of it.

We, at Islamic Educational College schools seek to raise the level of learning by implementing a number of strategic projects which will have an important role in excellence of performance. Such as, “Items Bank project”,” interactive online learning”, the ethics value system project that brings in the school effort in the student individual recognitions as a spiritual being whose character must be promoted in a manner that agrees with the Islamic educational college vision and mission . In addition, the Arabic language project “Arabic is my pride”. And our most important project which is “memorization of the Holy Qur’an”.

In conclusion, I ask Allah to guide our steps throughout this fruitful journey in preparing a strong guided and well-cultured youth for the community.

Director General
Dr. Jumana Abu-hijleh