About Islamic Cultural Society

Islamic Cultural Society

The Islamic Cultural Society was launched in 1944 by a group of great people of this nation, who have taken upon themselves the responsibility of establishing a school based on the tolerant message of Islam in the upbringing of generations of this nation which takes the Quran, and the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a main source of inspiration, in addition to the rational legitimacy and scientific methodology in life. The Islamic Educational College was founded in Jabal Amman in 1946 and in Jubeiha in 1988.

The constituent body of the Islamic Cultural Society:

The Islamic Cultural Society consists of sixteen members:

Ismail  Al-Bilbeisi

Abdullah Abu Qura

Sabri Al-Tabba’

Mohammed Madi

Ibrahim Mango

Rashid Darwaza

Rafik  Salah

Saad al-Din Baybars

Shafiq Al-Hayek

Shaukat Asfur

Subhi Kahaleh

Adel Al-Safadi

Abdul Rahman Faro’n

Omar Al-Baalbaki

Mohammed AL-Shreiqi

Wajih Al-Baghdadi

Islamic Educational College in brief:

  Islamic Educational College is a private, independent and non-profit school that belongs to the Islamic Cultural Society. It attracts students from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds from the Jordanian society. It implements the educational philosophy of the Islamic Cultural Society in the upbringing of a fine generation, armed with science and faith and proud of the religion, language, history and culture of the Arab nation.

IEC is also dedicated to achieve its vision in maintaining its position at the forefront of leading educational institutions and meeting the needs of students and their parents.

 Islamic Educational College Schools:

  1.  Jabal Amman Schools include: Boys School, Girls School, Elementary Mixed School, Kindergarten and the American Program AHSD.
  2. Jubeiha Schools include: Boys School, Girls School, Elementary Mixed School, Kindergarten,IB Program,American Program AHSD and the British Program  GCE / IGCSE.